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Dr Shalini Anand,MD Board-certified family physician with over 25 year experience in nutrition medicine.

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Dr. Shalini devotes his life to nutritional research, staying up-to-date on the thousands of articles published in scientific journals, and working with nutritional researchers around the world. His expertise includes 25 years of experience caring for more than 10,000 patients with serious medical conditions and in most cases facilitating their recovery via nutritional methods.His books have no preconceived philosophy, agenda or bias; they are an uncompromising assessment that offers the gold standard of nutritional excellence to foster the greatest potential for disease prevention, reversal and extending human lifespan.

Our Mission

Dr Shalini , M.D. is on a mission to change the way Indian eats and has chosen PBS to help him get his message out. Often called “Indian’s Health Coach,” Dr. Shalini’s programs Dr. Shalini’s END DIETING FOREVER!, 3 Steps to Incredible Health and Immunity Solution have aired over 31,000 times on PBS stations and helped raise over 25 million.
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